Learning is an important aspect of our life. As we require food to nurture our body, we need Learning to nourish our Mind. Mind Training is a very important part in our lifestyle from ages. We go through this learning or training in various aspects of our life like professional, career, educational, personality development, spiritual.

At Spiritual solutions we provide training to the Mind to create a better self, a successful self, relaxed self, creative self, happy self. Guruji has designed specific training programs to help an individual rise above his current capabilities positively.

The trainings are tailor made to help achieve what is our requirement. Different modalities of training programs are designed to suit an individual excel.

You have an opportunity to scan through the various training programs listed here to cater to your requirement.  You can also feel free to contact us to help you choose the right program for you.

Workshops / Online Seminars

• Train Your Mind
• Subconscious Intelligence
• Hypno-Healing
• Hypnosis and Goal Setting
• Chakra Healing
• Power of Affirmations
• Manifestation Sutra – Attract Abundance
• Prathiprasava (Rebirth) Kriya Yoga
• Yoganidra Healing
• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
• Mind Yoga
• Prana Chikitse – The Essence of Life
• Spiritual Retreats
• Cultivate Positive Thinking
• Antahkarana
• Dhyana Sanje