As the world is evolving, we are also heading towards many unknown psychosomatic problems. These psychosomatic problems are completely invisible, but thoroughly effecting our life in all aspects. We carry frustration, irritation, pain, suffocation, confusion, relationship problems, stress, trauma, tension all the time which is directly affecting our daily life. Holistic healing process is a comprehensive healing modality that provides an answer to these challenging issues. Healing is a completely natural and effortless process. It is an Internal Technology. Healing is a transformation of the negative state to the positive state. It is a flow of Bio-energy (Cosmic) between the healer and the recipient that deals with the “dis-ease “at its deepest level. It is about bringing any imbalance into alignment with its natural state of functioning.

Everything in our system (body-mind-emotion) has blueprint (functioning process). This helps in keeping our system balanced. Due to certain conditions / situations; an imbalance in the overall functioning of the system is created. Therefore, one is in search of solutions to get back the rhythm / balance into their life. The process of rebalancing the system can be associated with healing.

Holistic healing is a process of healing that integrates the entire system ie. Body, Mind, Emotions, Thoughts, Breath as one, for the overall health and wellness. Here, we understand that the root cause of a physical illness may, in fact, be non-physical. Therefore, a holistic approach in healing is considered to be more effective as change occurs on all levels. The result of this leads to imprinting the positive changes on a long-term basis and improves a person’s overall quality of life.

Some of the benefits of holistic healing process are:
• accelerates the healing process
• strengthens immune system 
• promotes body and mind relaxation
• removes the energy blockages in our system
• cleanses emotional blocks
• releases stress and tension
• aids in better and deep sleep habits
• helps in healing psychosomatic problems
• assists in spiritual enhancements
• balances the energy

Healing therapy may include all or some of the below therapies:
• Energy Healing
• Chakra Healing
• Yoganidra Healing
• Salt Healing• Aura Energising
• Breath Healing• Energy Balancing
• Cell / DNA Healing
• Distant Healing