• Spiritual Solutions Centre

    A centre for identifying, accepting, reforming self through ancient yogic healing practices of Dhyanayoga, Pranayoga, Manoyoga, Jnanayoga, Karmayoga.

  • Spiritual Solutions Centre

    Provides ancient yogic science techniques to eliminate stress, emotional blockages, overcome failures, improve health, gain confidence, enhance productivity, excel creativity, exhibit success.

  • Spiritual Solutions Centre

    Affiliated and Authorised Zonal Center for Conducting Yoga and other Courses of

  • Indulge in a journey of self-transformation, reach abundant life, live your purpose, experience bliss.

    We conduct Healing and Alternative Therapies to help and transform self.

    Regression Therapy

    Regression Therapy

    Passed life is past life. Regression Therapy helps in finding - Know More

    Holistic Healing

    Holistic Healing

    Holistic Healing is a process of healing that integrates - Know More

    Holistic Hypnotherapy

    Holistic Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is an alternative healing technique - Know More

    Healing Meditations

    Healing Meditations

    Meditation purifies our Antahkarana. Healing Meditation - Know More

    10000 +
    Hours of Meditation Sessions
    2000 +
    Workshops and Events Conducted
    20000 +
    Healings and Alternative Therapies Done
    53000 +
    Participants from across the globe
    Our Services

    Journey into the Mind World

    Access the ancient spiritual science to change your way of life and gain access to Health-Wealth-Success. Eliminate stress, improve health, resolve conflict, expand awareness, experience inner reality, unleash your potential, attract abundance, create miracles.



    Cleanse, heal, energise, rejuvenate through alternative healing modalities.

    Alternative Therapies


    Know, learn, understand, implement the mind science and transform.

    Workshops and Courses


    Enhance study, overcome negative thinking, improve memory, concentration and confidence.

    Student Therapy
    Dhyana Yoga

    Dhyana Yoga

    Learn the art of Meditation, ignite the fire within and burn the negativities of life.

    Healing Meditations
    Workshops And Events

    Upcoming Workshops And Events

    Sri Vishwanath Guruji

    A Mentor, Guide, Mind Coach

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      Guruji is a New Age Spiritual Master, Mind Science Trainer, Student Therapy Expert, Holistic Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Energy Healer, EFT Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor. – Know more

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      Guruji’s wisdom

      “Everything is an experience; either GOOD or BAD will help in transforming LIFE” – SriVG

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      Discussion with Guruji

      If you are seeking clarity, solutions, guidance to uplift and change the way of your life, you can contact our centre to schedule a discussion with Guruji.

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    Reviews from our Clienteles

    "Vinay Bandakka"

    I have been associated with SSC for close to 2 years and attended a couple of programs and workshops. I landed here for my daughter’s mind coaching to enhance her sports performance. It’s a blissful experience for my daughter and me. This journey tapped us toward the wonderful science of mind power. Vishwanath Guruji’s guidance helping my daughter in terms of body-mind-soul integrity to perform her sports feels more exciting.

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    "Rekha Vishwanath"

    I started my journey with Spiritual Solution Centre a couple of months ago. It has been an overwhelming experience so far. Guruji is the best in guiding, making us understand about our thought process, meditation and living the life of abundance. Under his guidance I am sure anybody can change their perception about life and lead a blissful one. Happy to attend more sessions under his and Guruma's guidance. I am grateful to the lord for this wonderful opportunity.

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    "Lakshmi Kanagal"

    It was an awesome experience for me... The online workshops Freedom from fear and"i am confident ""gave me a soothing feeling in my mind... I listen to Gurujis audios daily... it gives strength to my mind.. "Abundance living ". Workshop was also great... practicing...all the techniques daily... Looking forward for more classes in future.. Thk u so much Guruji🙏

    ★★★★★ Read More Reviews

    "Divya Vandal"

    I first visited Guruma a year ago, a dark time in my life. Being as uncertain as I was, little did I know that it would change my perspective on life. I found that she is unconventional in the best way, but also makes it a point to respect boundaries. She does not force one to reveal emotions unless they themselves are ready. The best thing I like about her is that she only drives me towards finding my own answer, never giving me her own advice. I think this speaks volumes on her depth of understanding because she knows that everyone’s journey is different and there is no one ultimate answer. My journey is still ongoing, but one thing is for sure, she will never make you dependent on the sessions, but only empower you to drive your own life when you are ready.

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    "Praveen Subbananjappa"

    SSC is focused on transforming and healing people. I have had a wonderful opportunity to interact with guruji guruma and the team, truly inspirational. The team demonstrated great professionalism backed by deliberate planning and meticulous execution in delivering elevated experience to spiritual seekers be it EFT or Goal setting or the overarching integrated healing session. Guruji is epitome of patience and highly empathetic. The session has had profound impact on my life in terms of awareness and responding to life challenges in the right spirit viz. Celebrate Life

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    "Suresh Shaiva"

    This is the great place one should visit. The kind of service and the amount of efforts placing by SSC people are really amazing. I feel this is really on stop solution for all the worries what ever you have. The people also very nice and gentle. The way they speak will heal you 50%. I have taken the treatment here and came out of my issues. I strongly suggest to visit here, before you loose out money somewhere else.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to get an Appointment for Healing?
    To take an appointment for Personal Counselling, Healing, Alternative Therapies call our centre between 10am to 6pm. Contact Us
    How to be a part of Free Seminars?
    Every month we conduct Free Webinars to share wisdom and experiences on Healing Meditations and to Cultivate Positive Thinking. Register your name for regular updates of programs. Contact Us
    How to understand therapies better?
    Kindly call to know Healing modalities, Significance of Mind Therapies, Duration and Number of Sessions required for your personal requirements. Contact Us
    How to become Holistic Healing Therapist?
    A Holistic Healing Therapist is a Healer who provides support for every aspect of client's mental health, physical health, spirituality and emotional well-being. To know more Contact Us

    Accreditations and Associations

    Spiritual Solutions Centre is Affiliated and Authorised Zonal Center For Conducting Yoga and Other Courses of YOGA UNIVERSITY OF THE AMERICAS.

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