Future Life Progression or Progression Therapy can also be referred to as awakened dream therapy. In this process, one experiences a deep yet alert state of relaxation, that opens the mind to travel forward to take a glimpse of your future.

It takes you forward in time to the future days of your life where you can explore the possibilities that extend from your own creation, the paths you choose to examine, make the required corrections if any, make contact with your future self and be gifted with the knowledge you need to create your best future. You can bring back this knowledge, the answers you received about your current life and know exactly what steps to take to move forward.

Progression is a guided therapy that enables your energy to align to the correct vibrational frequency to preview your future and bring about the best that is in store for you.

Progression therapy can also take you on a journey into next life or future lives that can provide you with a wealth of insight and knowledge.

This therapy can help you to find answers in many areas of life including health, wealth and also setting your goals. You can travel forward to make decisions that are right for you, to remove personal blocks and obstacles, to make better choices and help you explore alternative life paths which will enable you to see decisions which are important to make, lessons which need to be learned, ideas worth pursuing, opportunities available and what you need to do to ensure these opportunities come to fulfilment.