Gratitude is one of the noblest expressions you can exhibit. It resonates with a very high positive energy. When you offer gratefulness for anything it makes you become more aware of the positive things in your life.

By practicing awareness of the positive things in life, you can fight off the brain’s natural tendency to scan and spot the negatives. By being grateful or just by the expression of it you can experience increased energy, positivity and empathy. The feeling of gratefulness is a positive emotion for which your heart needs to be open and receptive. When you are grateful or thankful for something then you have accepted its existence. Then this acceptance energy starts circulating around and within you.

Gratitude has a dual meaning; a worldly one and a spiritual one. In its worldly context, it is a feeling or an emotion that gets exhibited when one person acknowledges receiving a valuable help or support from another. When it comes to its spiritual counterpart, it is beyond an emotion; it exhibits as the authentic energy of existence of the true self.

In this therapy, you will undergo a mental act of offering gratefulness to all the aspects of joy, happiness, peace, success, persons and also karma of your life.

The side benefits of offering gratitude are increased happiness and positivity, higher satisfaction in life, improved physical health, healthy sleep, increasing energy and so on. It also encourages the development of patience, humility and wisdom.