We are a combination of Masculine and Feminine energy. This Shiva and Shakti energies (Yin and Yang) exists within each and every one of us. Both of these energies are balancing our life in all aspects, but can easily fall out of balance because of various influences.

The Masculine energy (Shiva) when in balance reflects discipline, protection, planning, structure, control, clarity, integration, financial stability, vision and foundation. The Feminine energy (Shakti) reflects emotional expressions, pleasure, feelings, acceptance, body awareness, dreams, intuitions, bliss, sensations and receptivity when in balance.

The imbalance in these energies creates stress, tension, emotional outbursts, anxiety, disturbances, loneliness, ill-health, fears, disorders, negative thinking, failures, confusion and insomnia.
Hence, the balance in these energies is the foremost requirement to lead a healthy and happy life. During the process of energy balancing, these imbalances are brought to equilibrium thus harnessing the strength and vitality of one’s life base.