Everyone is unique, so are the challenges that we all face in our daily lives. Whatever may be the concerns that bring people into the counseling room; there are a number of different approaches to consider. We believe that every method complements the others.

Counselling is a process of assisting or guiding a person to understand and explore the solutions of complex situations / circumstances that they are in. It is a process of helping to see things from a different point of view, positively and distinctly. It can be defined as a relationship of trust with confidentiality being paramount.
“I am at my best as a therapist, when I am closest to my inner, intuitive self.

Then whatever I do seems to be full of healing.” – Carl Rogers
The Spiritual Approach
Spiritual counselling utilizes both traditional psychological theories as well as various spiritual tools to support the individual’s journey.

The word spirit means ‘the immaterial intelligence or wisdom part of a person.’ It is the inner teacher and wisdom that resides within each living being. It is an unlimited potential source that guides us and provides essence to our life.

Spiritual counselling taps into this inner wisdom to assist people in dealing with issues that do not serve them effectively and prevent them from living a joyful, fulfilling life.

Spiritual counseling aims to increase a person’s wellbeing by working through with core issues when dealing in areas of shame, guilt, depression, fears, defenses, traumas, stress, sub-personalities and addictions so that an individual can reconnect with their authentic self.
“Your authentic self is your True Self.  It is who you really are.” – sri.vg
Spiritual Counseling recognizes that we are spiritual beings having a human experience while holistically interconnected through Mind, Body and Spirit. Healing and transformation take place when we address all aspects of our psyche. This path encourages us to shine in our light while transcending our egos. We are learning to let go of unhealthy attachments while learning to forgive, surrender and trust in divine guidance. Spiritual values such as transformation, compassion, gratitude and non-judgment are interwoven with the counselling. It is the ultimate goal to heal our duality while embracing and integrating both our spiritual and human self.

Spiritual Counseling is beneficial in many different areas such as Depression, Anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Low self-esteem / Low self-worth, Anxiety disorder including Phobias, Emotional crisis, Marital problems, Family disputes, Addictions, Mid-life crisis, Childhood wounds and abuse, Past Life and Karma, Behavioral Issues and so on.