Dr Vishwanath Guruji
Guruji is a New Age Spiritual Master, Mentor, Mind Coach, Mind Science Trainer, Student Therapy Expert, Holistic Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Energy Healer, EFT Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor.

Sri Vishwanath Guruji has been conferred a Ph.D. in Yoga specializing in Childhood Regression Therapy by the Yoga University of the Americas- Florida, USA.

Born to a religious family, in the midst of nature in the village of Gouthampura in Shimoga district, Karnataka; he had an opportunity to understand and learn our traditions, culture, rituals from his Parents and Acharya’s. From his childhood, he was very eager to know deeper about all the practices that were being adopted in his house and neighborhood.

This inquisitiveness eventually brought him in contact with his Spiritual Master Dr Sri Sri Ramachandra Guruji and got associated with Spiritual Solutions Centre. Since then he began his spiritual journey under the guidance of his master. Now Sri Vishwanath Guruji is a Spiritual Guide, Mentor and Managing Trustee of Spiritual Solutions Centre.

Guruji has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Applications and a Diploma in Computer Science. He has worked in Information Technology Industry for 14 years as an IT Trainer, Network Administrator, Software Developer and also as an Entrepreneur.

Dr Vishwanath Guruji has been conducting various training programs and workshops on Mind Power- 6th Sense, Jnanopadesham, Power of Sub-conscious Mind, Energy Healing, Pratiprasava Sadhana (Past Life Regression Training), Self-Hypnosis and Holistic Hypnotherapy, Manifestation Sutra - Law of Attraction, Financial Abundance, EFT, ATT, Breath Healing, Pratiprasava Kriya Yoga, Sankalpa Siddhi Dhyana, Antahkarana, Prashamana, Power of Thoughts, Subconscious Intelligence, Goal Setting and Personality Development Sessions for students, professionals, housewives, entrepreneurs, healers, therapists and people from all walks of life. Millions of people have benefited from his workshops globally.

Guruji has conducted Personal healing, Regression therapies, Self-Transformation therapies, Counselling, Hypnotherapies, Goal Setting and Progression therapies for more than 5000 people from all walks of life. In this incredible journey, with his 12 years of experience and wisdom, he has developed and initiated much simpler effective healing and transformative techniques. His latest work is now with a deeper understanding of Prana, its significance in our life and its applications in day-to-day life.

Apart from this, he has also addressed large gatherings at various institutes, schools, colleges, universities, corporate houses, governmental organizations and training institutes in India and Abroad (USA, Malaysia, Srilanka). In the year 2016 Guruji has been invited to California, USA to impart knowledge about the science of Healing and Meditation, and conduct training sessions on various topics. He was also a part of the 9th AKKA World Kannada Conference held at Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA.

Guruji is also doing his research on Thought Power, Cell healing, Life Between Lives and Karma Theory. He has appeared in TV channels on panel discussions and also shared his views about Mind Power on FM radio.