प्रशमन - PrashaMana
Group Cleansing and Healing Session
Rejuvenate and Relax your 

Consistent practice of cleansing, healing, energizing will help in reducing psyche baggage, emotional blockages, confusions, unknown fears and deep grief. This cleansing process helps to Rejuvenate and Relax the MIND-BODY-EMOTIONS. This transformation, gains more efficiency in our day to day activities, increases our success ratio, attain high performance in profession, maintain the balance by being calm-cool in any given situation. 

Session includes:

• Cleansing Breathwor
• Healing Yoganidra
• Healing Meditation
• Positive Affirmations
• Goal Setting

Benefits of PrashaMana:

• Increase in energy levels, boosting  immunity power
• Release subtle toxins from the body 
• Reduce stress, anxiety, grief, anger, pain
• Release trauma and fear stuck in the body
• Balanced blood pressure, Release of stress hormones 
• Lessening of PTSD and feelings of trauma
• Stronger respiratory function
• Improve digestion, balancing gland secretions 
• Improve sleep, more time in deep sleep
• Increase self-awareness, self-love 
• Increase presence, happiness and attain bliss
• Explore altered states of consciousness

Guidance by 

Dr Vishwanath Guruji

Gurumaa Dr Gayathri