Cosmic Energy flows abundantly all the time, works with your resources and heals naturally. This cosmic energy frees the natural resources to work in the most effective way for you.

Using this energy, distant healing or remote healing or cosmic prayer is practiced. It is a technique for sending the required energy (healing) to another person who is unwell or in need of this healing energy stationed nearby or miles away.

We are comprised of energy vibrating at different speeds. Our body, mind, thoughts, emotions, breath all vibrate at a particular frequency or speed. These energy vibrations create a field around them referred to as the energy field or aura. The aura is a communication channel set to a particular frequency which receives and transmits messages / information from the external and internal environment.

The healer thus invokes the blessings of the master / cosmos and requests for the divine healing energy, reprogram the energy as per the requirement and radiate it to the seeker, who in turn receives divine healing energy through the auric field into the energy field of self.

Distant Healing is applied on someone who needs continuous healing on a daily basis but cannot visit a Healing Centre every day for the same.

Distant healing or remote healing can be carried out for various aspects in life like pains, troubled relationships, improvising health, emotional problems, mental problems, financial blockages and so on….