Life-Between-Life is a part of past life regression that connects you to your soul awareness and soul journey. It is that timeframe of experiences of a soul between the departed life and the next life to see and understand life in a bird view, as there is no attachment of a physical body of any lifetime.

When one is guided into this state of awareness between lifetimes, one gets a feeling of liberation, understand the illusionary expressions of life, gain clarity for the vivid emotional turbulences, gain opportunities for learning, healing, cleansing and tracing the threads of one’s soul history, experiences and lessons of life and also connect with the soul guides, soulmates, soul groups and masters for better understanding the journey of life. The outcome of this therapy helps one to remember the path and purpose in the current life thereby leading to a shift in consciousness.

This type of therapy is more comprehensive and allows you to continue the rest of your current life with renewed energy, strength, courage, and awareness.
Life Between Lives Therapy reminds us that we are spiritual beings in human form.