Life is a combination of ups and downs. You come across people or situations that are criticizing and unpleasant, because of which you tend to hold a lot of negative feelings like anger, frustration, betrayal, pain, revenge and so on. This leads to extra baggage in your system and becomes an obstacle in your path of success. These negative feelings develop into blockages which hinder the path of your success. In the path of your life, you notice that whatever you do is not yielding success.

Instead of spending a lot of your bio-energy thinking about the negative aspects of your life, carrying them further and allowing  them to turn themselves into diseases; you make a sincere effort to understand, detach and move forward.

When a situation is created where you can understand and accept these hindrances through the process of Forgiveness therapy in your own mind, you can see tremendous improvements in your life.

Forgiveness is a healing process where you make a conscious decision to release (let go) the pain (emotional wound) it has caused internally.  This leads you into a phase a deep healing, empowerment so that you carry on with your life happily.