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Life is a journey of infinite experiences, and also an opportunity to realize the reality of our existence. Human life is God’s gift; we are filled with the wisdom of creativity, learning, understanding, implementing and experiencing. This creates the path of identifying the purpose of this life. It is the base of transformation, realization and evolution.

Every individual has got the eligibility and capability to achieve good health, peace of mind, harmony and bliss. In modern times with the ever-changing lifestyles, the imbalance of human body-mind-emotions is witnessed. This imbalance can be set right by our ancient systems/ techniques/ practices like Healing, Meditation, Relaxation, Pranayama, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Pratiprasava (Regression Therapy), etc.

Spiritual Solutions Centre has therefore been setup to develop discipline and health into the lives of people around. Spiritual Solutions also intends to provide people access to ancient spiritual science by several forms of healing and transformative alternative therapies. Know more

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Spiritual Solutions Centre provides ancient yogic science techniques to eliminate stress, emotional blockages, overcome failures, improve health, gain confidence, enhance productivity, excel creativity, exhibit success.

Wisdom By Sri Vishwanath Guruji

What is Belief?

In fact of truth or reality, everything is decent. There is nothing that exists as good or bad. It is our way of creating a difference in people or things based on the experiences and beliefs that we have in our life. Read More

Journey From “Information to Experience”

Today, we all seek information. This is the Information Era. We are information-oriented people and we believe the information we possess is ultimate. We are taught to be like this.Even the current education system... Read More

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SSC is focused on transforming and healing people. I have had a wonderful opportunity to interact with guruji guruma and the team, truly inspirational. The team demonstrated great professionalism backed by deliberate planning and meticulous execution in delivering elevated experience to spiritual seekers be it EFT or Goal setting or the overarching integrated healing session. Guruji is epitome of patience and highly empathetic. The session has had profound impact on my life in terms of awareness and responding to life challenges in the right spirit viz. Celebrate Life - Praveen Subbananjappa

My journey with spiritual solutions started with a course I did in the center. I have attended many workshops about healing, hypnosis, spiritual practises, self development, manifestation sutras etc. Excellent set up for the management of stress, anxiety, insomnia, improving willpower and concentration with emphasis of mind body practices. Vishwanath Guruji is excellent in his approach towards teaching and personal psychotherapy. Gurujis, unique style of teaching and explanation of concepts and scientific background of a particular practice,makes the session s very interesting. He has been a mentor and life coach for many people. I thank Guruji ,Gayathri madam and all the staff of SSC for helping people to transform and lead a harmonious life. I have got amazing results with regular practice of meditations. - Naveen Jayaram

Spiritual solutions centre is the house of knowledge, house of wisdom. Vishwanath Guruji and Gayathri Guruma are ever ready to share their knowledge and guide me through a spiritual path to attain wisdom. And also other members in SSC are more than happy to help, share their knowledge and lend a helping hand whenever I have clarifications. SSC conduct workshops, resedential courses, different types of healing and therapies which transforms an individual from the roots to live the life we want. SSC always nurtures its students. Just a single from SSC can change our life. Neelakantaksha Sir in SSC is a very knowledgeable person and gives us insights on various aspects. - Kuldeep Kumar

Life can really change and one can get real strength to face the challenges of life by undergoing counseling and therapy here.. Really helpful to solve life issues - Siddharth Patnaik

Excellent place to get transformed and for attaining peace of mind and also to come out of many life’s problems. Very authentic place to learn about spirituality and meditation. The healing performed here by the therapists have given excellent results. - Shubha Iyer

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