Life is a journey of infinite experiences, and also an opportunity to realize the reality of our existence. Human life is God’s gift; we are filled with the wisdom of creativity, learning, understanding, implementing and experiencing.  This creates the path of identifying the purpose of this life. It is the base of transformation, realization and evolution.

Every individual has got the eligibility and capability to achieve good health, peace of mind, harmony and bliss. In modern times with the ever-changing lifestyles, the imbalance of human body-mind-emotions is witnessed. This imbalance can be set right by our ancient systems/ techniques/ practices like Healing, Meditation, Relaxation, Pranayama, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Pratiprasava (Regression Therapy), etc.

Spiritual Solutions Centre has therefore been setup to develop discipline and health into the lives of people around. Spiritual Solutions also intends to provide people access to ancient spiritual science by several forms of healing and transformative alternative therapies.

As it is rightly said “Science and Spirituality are two sides of the same coin”.  Spiritual Solutions Centre’s vision is to bridge our ancient wisdom with modern science, which upholds spirituality as life science.

The external condition is merely a reflection of the inner condition. Hence, we aim at strengthening and healing the inner reality.

In society, students play an imperative role as they are the next generation. Hence, we want to transform the lives of students as positive as possible. Childhood is the main foundation to one’s life. By giving proper understanding of the Life Science at an early age, they would decidedly emerge as a strong pillar for their family and society. We have initiated Student Transformation Project to address the student community.

Women play an extensive role in constructing and managing the home environment. This leads to the balance of home and further balancing of society. A woman faces numerous challenges in her life that need proper guidance and self-awareness. Hence the wellness of women is one of our initiatives.

Our organization has dedicated to empower human values, bring clarity about present life situations and create eligibility to face life’s challenges with a multi-dimensional approach. We are a principle-driven organization, with the mission to Heal, Love and Serve all Mankind.

This organization is dedicated to finding empowerment in the present and strength for the future. In an age where stress and depression are widespread, the negative effects on physical and mental health are extremely high. Stress, anxiety and depression beyond certain acceptable levels are known to be the key factors that become obstacles to the way of systematic progression.  Here, Spiritual Solutions plays a vital role in bringing together the self with reality while expressing divinity.

Spiritual Solution’s educational and self-development programs offer techniques to eliminate stress, improve health, expand awareness and resolve conflict and have been enjoyed by millions of people. Spiritual Solution’s unique contribution is that instead of inclined to religion and metaphysical issues, it applies the well-filtered traditional values to the present context like applied science.

The Journey
The foundation to achieve our Mission was initiated in the year 2005 by Internationally Renowned Spiritual Master Dr Sri Sri Ramachandra Guruji with the joining hands of his disciples Sri Vishwanath Guruji and Gurumaa Gayathri with the common goal of Life Transformation.

Guruji mentored, guided and laid a strong foundation to this wonderful journey with a perfect purpose to adapt this science to create independence and freedom within. With the blessings and inspirations of Guruji, currently the Centre is managed and driven by Vishwanath Guruji and Gurumaa Gayathri along with their dedicated team.

With our unique healing and training approach, we are able to reach thousands of people of all walks of life. We have seen a tremendous transformation in people who started following this path. We are a name worldwide through Transformative Education and Social Services. This organization is a non-profit educational, charitable and humanitarian foundation, dedicated to serve society by strengthening the individual irrespective of any caste, creed, cult or color. As a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), it participates in a variety of committees and activities relating to health and conflict resolution, which leads to human excellence.

Spiritual Solutions Centre provides access to ancient yogic sciences such as Holistic hypnotherapy, Pratiprasava Chikitse (Past Life Regression therapy), Self-hypnosis, Spiritual Healing, Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama.

Spiritual Solution’s educational training and self-development programs and workshops offers techniques to eliminate stress, improve health, confidence, productivity, creativity, success, expand awareness and resolve conflicts. These have been enjoyed by millions of people in India and abroad.

We have been conducting several programs like:
  • Seminars and workshops on Antahkarana, 6th Sense, Jnanopadesham – Mind power, Energy Healing, Prathiprasava Kriya Yoga, Pratiprasava Sadhana (Past Life Therapy Training Course), Prana Vidya – The Art of Breathing, Mind Yoga, Self-hypnosis.
  • Healing Camps, Dhyana-pravasa, Pranayama and Meditation sessions.
  • Personality development programs for Schools, Colleges, Government, Non-government and Corporate organizations.
  • Healing Camps and Health Awareness for Rural Areas.
  • Mass Meditation, Mass Healing, Social Awareness Camps.
  • Spiritual Solutions has been invited by leading Industrial houses to conduct Seminars and In-House Workshops for MNC’s, Corporate Sectors to harness creativity and Harmony in today’s competitive work culture. 

Our Team
Our SSC family is dedicated with an enormous commitment to give out the best possible efforts to deliver the best possible results to our students and clients. We heartily believe in unity and collective consciousness which helps us to give the best always.

All our members involve in every discussion to brainstorm everyones’ best inputs, so that SSC offers the best solutions. We take great pleasure in extending our hands in all possible ways that you need. Also, we always have an open door for our students and clients to be a beautiful part of our graceful family on this blessed journey.