Life is a projection of our past experiences and feelings. Mind is the carrier of all the information, emotional stains of the past days of our life. Some of these memories which are negative in nature tend to become the blockages of our present, thus creating challenges for our future.

Passed life is past life. Regression therapy works with uncovering, healing and releasing these hidden memories, recurring patterns, expressions of the past; some of which maybe below the level of our conscious awareness. Past Life Regression Therapy helps in finding the conflicts from the past that have been disturbing our mental, emotional and physical well-being and resolves it by identifying the root cause of the problem and releasing the same by re-experiencing and re-living those instances in the subconscious level.

An example from the current life may be a chronic pain, post-traumatic stress from womb, infancy or childhood trauma, or a life-threatening incident. The symptoms may include panic attacks, emotional outbursts, suppressed feelings, self-harm, unexplainable physical pain or recurring relationship problems. Past Life Regression Therapy works by going to the root of the problem, transforming it in a way that is both safe and structured and heals at the deeper levels of self.

Regression therapy allows an individual to go back in the memory path to an event or a situation; often some old wounds, circumstances or misperceptions have been embedded in the subconscious for very long time; that they become deeply and unconsciously rooted. You then have a very little or no idea why you react to situations and relationships in the way you do.

Benefits of Regression Therapy:

• This is a short-term therapy and it tends to be robust than other kinds of therapy. 
• Multiple issues can be handled at a time in one session.
• Regression Therapy is experiential rather than intellectual.
• This therapy releases chronic emotional, mental and physical blockages.
• Regression Therapy helps us change unwanted behaviors without the use of drugs. We help to alter behavior to change brain chemistry, while drugs alter brain chemistry to change the behavior.
• Regression Therapy is holistic in nature. It helps to release trauma from the mind, body, emotions simultaneously.

Types of issues that can be resolved by Regression Therapy:

• Fears and phobias
• Chronic depression
• Continuous failures
• Anxiety attacks
• Childhood trauma and abuse
• Chronic neck and back pains
• Issues of unworthiness and guilt
• Low self-esteem and confidence
• Insecurity and poor self-image
• Memory and concentration
• Obsessive thoughts
• Blocked and suppressed feelings
• Insomnia
• Alcoholism and other addictions
• Fear of intimacy
• Uncontrollable anger and grief
• Fertility and pregnancy
• Unlocking creative talents…..

A specific issue or life-long pattern can often be worked through in just a few sessions. It is essential; however, each layer of the trauma – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – be transformed and integrated for complete healing to occur.

Regression therapy may include all or some of the below therapies

• Current Life Regression
• Age Regression
• Womb Regression
• Past Life Regression
• Life Between Life
• Karmic Cleansing
• Soul Healing