Jnanopadesham – Students Therapy and Student Workshops

Student Transformation Project, Student Emotional Wellness, Student Therapy are student initiative programs from our centre. We are working with students (all age and all category) from past 13 years. We have done various workshops, seminars, personality development camps to enhance their studies, balance their mindset, release their stress, and handle their common problems.

In this competitive world, even students are completely stressed due to the overloaded expectations, and some students might develop fears and phobias due to negative events, which affect their academic progress and behavior.

Every student has equal capabilities to achieve what they want. A proper guidance will help them to one level, but it purely depends on what impressions they have got in their mind towards studies and goals.

For students study habits are affected by internal conditions more than external conditions. Students are easily distracted from TV, mobile phones, interruptions by family and friends, computers etc.

Concentration, focus, memory and confidence are essential for learning. Internal factors such as low self-esteem, negative thinking and poor time management drains energy and emotions, which negatively affects the learning process.

Student Therapy can help students to change positively towards studies and behavior. Also it is a wonderful way to block out the unavoidable external distractions.

Find our Student product below, call us for more information on personal therapies and workshops.

We conduct Student therapy at our centre/online to help students in person to understand their root problems.

Benefits of the Therapy and Workshops
• Improving Memory, Concentration, Focus, Confidence and Self-esteem.
• Increasing Self-motivation and blocking external distractions
• Reducing stress and eliminating fear of examinations
• Establishing good study habits
• Changing Negative Thinking and Negative Habits to Positive