Sleep is a wonderful state where healing happens naturally.  Deep sleep allows the body to heal and regenerate. One who experiences deep sleep remains healthy always.  But our regular sleep may be imbalanced due to stress oriented lifestyle. Hence, it impacts on the well-being of our entire system, resulting in “Dis-ease”.

Yoganidra is a practice of creating yogic sleep. It is also known as dynamic or psychic sleep.  It is a state of complete awareness in between wakefulness and sleep. Yoganidra is an extraordinary healing modality which balances and relaxes body, mind and soul energy easily. The healing benefit of Yoganidra is immense. It has been said that one hour of Yoganidra is the equivalent to four hours of deep sleep.

When you undergo Yoganidra healing session, you are guided into deep-rooted repressed memories that are deep down in the subconscious mind and creating blockages in your life. In this state of deep relaxation, the brain becomes more open and flexible. Past traumas / hindrances can be forgotten, healed and transformed here.

Research shows that people with imbalanced and addictive tendencies have low activity in the area of the brain that regulates interoceptive awareness― our ability to recognize and understand sensations in our bodies. Yoganidra heals and regulates this part of the brain and helps to change unwanted behaviors and reclaim your life.