Learn-Experience-Practice-Implement to heal yourself & others
108 hours: Experiential - Transformative Course

Why Holistic Healing Therapy Training Course?

Life is a bundle of happiness and sorrows. In this journey of life we are constantly in the path of transforming sorrows into happiness. However, this mission seems immense and endless. Moving on from the current suffering stage to a better prospective stage is a quest of every individual. At Spiritual Solutions this search will yield results and outcomes for you. 

From our past research we have observed that we often tend to accumulate emotional sufferings like sadness, grief, guilt, fear, shame, frustration, jealousy, anger from ages. These sufferings then leads to blockages in our life which gets expressed as negative thinking, negative beliefs, negative patterns, fears, phobias, karmic patterns, curses, owes and so on. These blockages start appearing in our life as psychosomatic problems. 

The list of these psychosomatic problems seems to be endless; some of them are as listed below for our understanding:

Migraine, Back pain, Diabetes, Allergy, Skin Problems, Stammering, Hysteria, Depression, Hyper Activeness, Possessiveness , Insomnia, Suicidal tendencies, Fears and Phobias, Hypertension, Split personality, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Addictions, Obesity, OCD, Anxiety disorders, Relationship problems, Lack of Memory, Lack of Concentration, Lack of Confidence, Lack of Guidance, Lack of Support, Lack of Appreciation, Lack of Motivation, Lack of Communication, Fear of Failure, Fear of Rejection, Negative Thinking, Negative Influence, Competition Stress, Low self-esteem, Inferiority complex, Loneliness, Procrastination, Comparison, Telling lies, Stealing, Guilt, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Mental Torture and so on….

To understand, heal and overcome these challenges of life, Vishwanath Guruji has designed this exclusively structured course which help us Learn-Experience-Practice-Implement various diverse healing techniques to heal self and others. 

What is Holistic Healing Therapy?

Holistic healing is a type of healing that considers a person as a system - body, mind, emotions and soul. According to holistic healing philosophy, we can achieve optimal health and wellness by achieving a proper balance in life.

Holistic healing therapists believe that we are a part of the mutually dependent system, where each part of our system is interdependent on the other part. Hence if one of the parts is not working properly, the other parts will also get affected. The imbalances that occur in the physical, mental, emotional, financial, professional, spiritual or social life impacts on the overall health negatively. 

Holistic healing is also a part of faith healing where we believe that true understanding, unconditional love, complete care, support, space, time, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, self-responsibility are part of the healing process.  The main objective of this approach is to identify the source (root) of the issue, working with the source to heal completely rather than eliminating the symptoms. 

Holistic healing therapy can also be referred to as complementary therapies or alternative therapies or integrative therapies where health is considered as one whole individual.  

This is an uniquely structured course which teaches us to explore, understand, rejuvenate, energise, enhance and transform ourselves on a deeper level. The course also delivers clarity about life and helps us to realise the purpose of life, showers us with the wisdom of self-help and helping others, devise our own regression and healing techniques.

The learnings includes talks, lectures, practical demonstrations, presentations, experiential exercises, group sessions, reading sessions, video sessions and e-learning sessions.

.. Guidance ..

Dr. Vishwanath Guruji 

PHD in Regression Therapy, Mind Coach, Past Life Regression Therapist, Mind Science Trainer, Holistic Hypnotherapist, Counselor, Healer, Student Therapy Expert

Gurumaa Dr. Gayathri

PHD in Holistic Hypnotherapy, Mind Coach, Mentor, Past Life Regression Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Women Wellness Guide.

How this course can transform your life?

This is a Self-transformation course which gives the clarity about Life to cleanse the Past, create a blissful Present and harvest a positive Future. Through this course we get to learn the Ancient wisdom to lead quality life by enriching Peace-Joy-Happiness-Abundance, to help self and also others face the challenges of life.

What are the healing modalities included?

Ideally participants will be trained in Holistic Healing, Regression Therapy, Progression Therapy, Counseling, Holistic Hypnotherapy, Healing Meditations, Science of Hypnosis, Mind Power, Affirmations, Visualisation, Goal Setting, Inner-Child Healing, Self-Scripting, Negative Energy Identification-Releasing, Multiple Energies, Body-Mind Variations, Clearing Energy Blockages, Awareness on Body-Mind-Soul, Karma Theory, Self-advancement (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Financial and Spiritual).

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is a process of healing that integrates the entire system ie. Body-Mind- Emotions-Thoughts-Breath as one, for the overall health and wellness. Here, we understand that the root cause of a physical illness may, in fact, be non-physical. Therefore, a holistic approach in healing is considered to be more effective as change occurs on all levels. The result of this leads to imprinting the positive changes on a long-term basis and improves a person’s overall quality of life.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PratiPrasava)

“Past Life is Passed Life”. Working with the memories of past to cleanse and heal the unanswered and unexperienced Experiences-Events-Situations-Emotional blockages. Past life regression allows us to see beyond confusions and illusions of this life and brings healing of the past life that resonates into our present life.

Move forward in life by releasing the blockages of the past.

Regression therapy modules into Current Life Regression, Age Regression, Childhood Regression (Inner Child Regression), Womb Regression, Past Life Regression, Incident Based Regression, Life Between Life Healing, Soul Healing, Soul Transformation.

Progression Therapy

It takes you forward in time to the future days of your life where you can explore the possibilities that extend from your own creation, the paths you choose to examine, make the required corrections if any, make contact with your future self and be gifted with the knowledge you need to create your best future. Goal setting (Sankalpa Siddhi) is a part of this process. 

Counselling Therapy

Counselling is a process of assisting or guiding a person to understand and explore the solutions of complex situations / circumstances that they are in. It is a process of helping to see things from a different point of view, positively and distinctly. Spiritual counselling utilizes both traditional psychological theories as well as various spiritual tools to support the individual’s journey.

Holistic Hypnotherapy

Our life is a creation of our past learnings, feelings and experiences. Our behavior, attitude, character, communication, habits, expression etc. are developed over time by our own mind. These learnings are the base of our current and future life. Holistic Hypnotherapy is a powerful alternative healing technique to realign, redesign and reprogram our life by providing comprehensive solutions with ancient yogic techniques.

Mind Power (Power of Conscious and Sub-conscious)

The mind is an invisible energy. It is omnipresent. Each and every cell in the body has a copy of the mind. The mind is the source of thoughts, emotions, imagination, memory, perception and so on. It is also the medium where all these cognitive faculties express.

“Mind Power” is an unimaginable, incomprehensible, incredible, inexplicable, multi-dimensional intelligent energyKnowing, understanding, learning and implementing the mind power accelerate the healing process, creating an easy, efficient, enhanced, enriched, effective transformation.

“With his immense knowledge, vast and extensive research of working with the Mind Power, Vishwanath Guruji, has created and designed simple, scientific, effective and adaptable tools and techniques to assist  participants in learning with utmost humility. This helps a participant of any walk of life to understand, learn and assimilate this knowledge easily and effectually.

Understand the broader perspective of the course

Course Contents

• Holistic Healing Science 
• Science of Hypnosis 
• Mind Power and Trance levels
• Past Life Regression Therapy
• Holistic Hypnotherapy
• Future Life Progression Therapy
• Energy Healing Techniques
• Soul Transformation Process 
• Karma Cleansing and Healing
• Spiritual Counselling
• Psychosomatic problems and their roots

Subconscious Intelligence, Pratiprasava Kriya Yoga, Astral travel, Life between Lives, Soul Evolution, Rebirthing, Akashic Records, Angel Healing, Childhood Regression, Womb Regression, Age Regression, Inner Child Healing, Kundalini Activation Process, Chakra Healing, Aura Cleansing, Cell/DNA Healing, Energy Balancing,  Entity Healing, Karma Theory, Law of Karma, Creative Visualisation, Law of Attraction, Hypnotic Induction, Deepening the Trance, Suggestibility Check, Dream Therapy, Goal Setting, Affirmations, Healing Meditations, Trataka,  Self-scripting, Mandala Meditation Initiation (Deeksha) and more.

Course activities

• Theory, Practical’s, Demonstrations
• Guidance on Hetero Healing and Self-Healing
• Case studies examines 
• Scripts, Notes, Audios and Information Videos
• Follow-up Sessions ... much more ... 

You learn

• A variety of techniques for counseling, relaxation, inducing past lives, experience future life, goal-setting at the subconscious level, healing
• FAQs on hypnotherapy while conducting healing
• Ways to converse with your subject both pre and post session
• How to document and understand patterns of behavior
• Various theories about reincarnation and karma
• How to decide the healing modalities for a session
• When not to conduct a past life regression session
• How to ask questions and obtain fruitful information
• How to overcome blocks and fears
• How to judge fantasy from reality
• Dealing with memories of animal or other lifeform lives
• Powerful techniques for using past life therapy for deep healing
• Ethics of conducting past life regression
• How to facilitate a life progression
• Exploring the past life roots of present day relationships
• Looking at the past life sources of your own patterns
• Making your own past life, hypnosis, healing and meditation scripts

What are benefits of HTC?

You are blessed to get introduced to this LIFE SCIENCE, which is now getting huge popularity day by day being practiced by various psychiatrists, psychologists, yoga therapists, counselors and alternate therapists worldwide.

This will open a beautiful and rich opportunity of healing for you, help you to facilitate effective and powerful healing, hypnotherapy, past life regression sessions with confidence and ease, earn knowledge and wisdom about this science, help you to become trained so that you may offer healing and therapy to the needy with patience and compassion, in addition, finding that our own lives have become transformed in a miraculous and marvelous way when we take these sessions.

Enrollment process

Enrollment to this unique course is open to all interested individuals who are above the age of 21 years and have a service mindset. Alternative therapists, hypnotists, counselors, physicians, medical or mental health practitioners, alternative healers, educators and others who are experienced in working with people in a healing capacity may enroll for this course.

A basic knowledge of healing is required for anyone interested to undergo this training course. However initial knowledge of understanding mind power, healing, and hypnosis will be provided to help any novice.

Medium of instruction:English

Your takeaway

You will receive expert, comprehensive and highly experiential training in becoming a confident and capable healer and past life regression therapist. Classes are conducted with humor and love. Each student will have ample opportunity to participate in experiential sessions as well as get hands-on experience through assignments and projects. This may well be a lifechanging course!


Participation Certificate is given to the participant on the completion of this training program. However they should cater to the below listed requirements: 

• Attend all the sessions covering a total of 108 hours duration
• Practice sessions under supervision between sessions
• Complete all the reading and writing assignments
• Submission of 5 case studies in 6 months duration
• Adhere to the Training Program’s terms and conditions

Holistic Healing Therapy Training Course

#HTC 2021-22
Learn-Experience-Practice-Implement to heal yourself & others
108 hours: Experiential - Transformative Course.

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