The mind is an invisible energy. It is omnipresent. Each and every cell in the body has a copy of the mind. It is the faculty of our soul. The mind is also the medium for thoughts, emotions, information and all our learning. It is guiding our life and always aware and waiting for our command to help us.

“Our life is the creation of our mind” – Buddha.

“Train your mind and change the perception of your life.” – Sri.VG

Our Present condition = Past ‘trainings + learning’s + beliefs + experiences’.

The mind is the source of thoughts, emotions, imagination, memory, perception, consciousness and so on. It is also the medium where all these cognitive faculties express. The most important states of mind in our life are conscious and subconscious states. This workshop is based on these states of the mind. It helps us to access our inner power, the subconscious power. We face many health problems, emotional problems and psychosomatic problems in our life, however with the help of our subconscious intelligence; we can cleanse the problems from the roots.

We learn to communicate with our mind, secrets to manifest our goals, relaxation techniques and various aspects of ‘Consciousness’, the thing that is driving our life. We also learn to access ‘Life Energy’.

It is a workshop, where we learn that a simple expression of self-love can change our life.

“Subconscious Intelligence” is an unimaginable, incomprehensible, incredible, inexplicable, multi-dimensional intelligent energy. The subconscious mind is an avatar of the universal energy. The subconscious mind represents our Aatmashakthi (soul energy) and Aatmagnyaana (consciousness). It is our local God.

This workshop emphasizes to:

• Identify the ultimate intelligence within you
• Explore limitless power of the sub-conscious mind 
• Replace self-defeating beliefs with beliefs of empowerment 
• Improve your self-image and creativity
• Techniques to access your Subconscious power to manifest Health-Wealth-Success