This is a simple and powerful tool to cleanse all emotional blockages and psychosomatic problems. It can be used to help ourselves at any point of time. Emotions are stored in us, they have individual action and expressions and they know how to ignite, erupt, dominate and make us absent-minded. Emotions have multi-dimensional effects. Our entire journey is based on emotions.

We start the journey in our mother’s womb, the first school. We begin to experience and realize emotions there itself, we collect all information about our mother’s experiences; but, we would have carried emotions even before the womb. There are cases of birth trauma where the baby has learnt some unwanted emotions and those become obstacles throughout life or can be triggered at any age, unless cleansed.

Emotions are something that is connected to certain actions. A series of activities become a piece of information and take the form of an emotion when the following 3 things are added.

  1. Image
  2. Information
  3. Feeling

We make something as our habit out of joy or sorrow or by curiosity. We just learn habits unknowingly, connect to unknown emotions unknowingly. To get rid of unwanted habits and emotions like smoking and to attain emotional freedom, we need the tool, EFT. The phenomenon by which we can use techniques such as EFT and cleanse/ disconnect from our unwanted habits is also known as Neuroplasticity.

“Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Here, we learn a number of techniques including Mantra Tapping Technique (MTP), Affirmations Tapping Technique (ATT), Gamut point and its nine procedures. This technique helps us to remove unwanted thoughts, emotions and habits from its roots. It gives an immediate result in cleansing psychosomatic problems.

This is a workshop, where we learn that we can change our life by just accepting ourselves and problems.