Yoganidra is a practice of yogic sleep in awareness. As it is said, the one who knows to get deep healthy sleep does not require any medicines. Yogic sleep is a wonderful healing state through which we can procure numerous health benefits.

The Power Nap – as it is passionately labelled helps in strengthening family harmony since it creates relaxation, calmness and instils mental strength to handle any situation with love and ease.

This Yogic Sleep is an Energy Booster as the relaxation response in an individual gets activated during the process. It enhances creativity, positivity and productivity. Yoganidra also works as a Stress Buster, helping us to relax-rejuvenate-revitalise.

This course provides 7 basic methods of Yoganidra. Each day will have unique method to make the experience of Yoganidra Multi-dimensional.

Guruji will be live during this course of 5 days; he will take us through this experiential practice of Yoganidra.

Topics focused:

  • Significance of Yoganidra
  • Healing process of Yoganidra
  • How Yoganidra works on Body-Mind-Emotions
  • Healing powers of Yoganidra
  • Yoganidra techniques to heal
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Body pain
    • Insomnia
    • Emotional Imbalance
    • Other psychosomatic problems
Possible takeaway:
  • Balanced Mind and Emotions
  • Access to deep state of Subconscious power
  • Gaining Peace, Calmness, Serene Mind
  • Enhanced Quality Sleep
  • Improved Creativity, Confidence and Patience
  • Boosted Immunity and Natural healing process of the body
Who can attend?
  • Anyone who wish to become aware of self and also the activities happening within
  • Who have already practiced Yoganidra and willing to experience beyond
  • Anyone who want to experience the Healing power of Yoganidra.