We can manifest anything and everything with the help of our subconscious mind. In this workshop, we can learn unique ancient manifestation techniques that effectively manifest what we want. There are many articles, books and documentaries about ‘manifestation’ and ‘subconscious mind’ but through this workshop, we can get into the depth of the concept. One also get to understand our own mind which will help us to know our weakness, strengths and the factors that are negatively affecting and holding us away from success.

This workshop provides manifestation sutras and universal secrets that make life easy. It is important to realise the boundaries or limits that we have put on ourselves in order to achieve anything. Nothing is impossible, but we have to release these boundaries and limits so that we can dream and visualize manifesting anything we want.

Sankalpa Siddhi Dhyana, is a unique meditation technique designed that involves all 7 energy centres (Chakras) – Muladhara, Swadhistana, Manipura, Anahata, Vissuddhi, Ajna, and Sahasrara. The sankalpas/ goals that we want to manifest will be installed in each chakra as each chakra has its own significance. As the required right energy continuously flows through the chakras, manifestation becomes fast and healthy.

The workshop also introduces us to concepts such as cosmic womb and subconscious womb where sankalpas are seeded and by continuously giving the right energy, healthy manifestation is possible and that is possible by expanding our awareness. The workshop teaches us many more concepts and gives more information that leaves us in awe; one such is Consciousness, it is simply mesmerizing to learn about it.

The word ‘Sankalpa’ derives its meaning from two words: ‘San’ – Connecting to the source; ‘Kalpa’ – Desires or vows. Every sankalpa in our life has to manifest itself. Any feeling that has rooted in subconscious level has to manifest. There is nothing called as negative or bad.

To create anything, the universe has its own parameters. If we can understand this universe’s sutra or technology, then we can work with it. We need to adapt to the universe’s technology to manifest anything. This is the secret and it lies within us.

The mentor, Sri Vishwanath Guruji has mastered this science and is always on his toes to share his knowledge and wisdom; he comes ready to be squeezed by his students for knowledge and information. It is always a pleasure to have him as a Guru.

Guruji is always known for simplifying information as much as possible to his students, so that they can carry and implement it all their life. He has designed the workshop such that every kind of people can easily understand and access the manifestation secrets.