Hypnosis and Goal Setting

Hypnosis is a process of communicating with the subconscious mind by relaxing the conscious mind, in order to prepare all layers of your mind to achieve your goals and enable your mind to receive or accept multiple perceptions about anything.

Hypnosis can be done by a therapist or by oneself. Hypnosis done by self is called ‘Self-Hypnosis’.

To do Self-Hypnosis, first we need to have an understanding of its basic knowledge, that is:

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Self-Hypnosis is a hypnotic technique done by self by relaxing and inducing oneself into a hypnotic state. By doing Self-Hypnosis, a person can realign his subconscious thinking in the way that person’s conscious mind wants it to be. This process definitely helps in bringing improvement in various aspects of life including health.

What are the uses of Self-Hypnosis?

Hypnosis helps in attaining relaxation and calmness. This makes hypnosis, particularly Self-Hypnosis an effective way of reducing stress. It helps people quit smoking, lose extra weight and in manifesting any desires. Self-Hypnosis also helps an individual to bring positive changes and improvement in their work life, career, academics. Precisely, Self-Hypnosis gives good results in wide-ranging aspects of an individual’s life.

What are the concerns of Self-Hypnosis?

There are many concerns about Hypnosis. One of them is the fear of having your mind controlled by someone, like in any stage hypnosis act or as shown in movies. This fear is a myth.  Actually, this fear shows you that you can do Self-Hypnosis easily as you are the controller of your mind, for example: In a stage hypnosis act, you want your mind to feel what a stage hypnotist says; a stage hypnotist cannot make your mind to feel what he wants, it is you controlling your mind.

The other fear is being unable to wake up while being hypnotized. Actually, this is a myth too. Remember when you take a nap, even if you don’t wake yourself up, you still naturally wake up. Also, you’ll still feel hungry, thirsty and tired, which means your body is still functioning, same case with Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis.

This workshop is about:

• What is Self-hypnosis? Definitions, myths and misconceptions
• The science of hypnosis; how it works
• Understanding Mind
• Different states of Mind
• Conscious and Subconscious importance
• Subconscious Activities and its patterns
• What is Trance State?
• How to deepen the trance?
• How hypnosis can help train the Subconscious Mind
• Self-Hypnosis Techniques
• Learning about the Power of Hypnotic Affirmations
• Learning to communicate with the Subconscious Mind
• How to use Self-Hypnosis to generate physical and mental changes
• How to harness and utilize the enormous power that resides inside you
• To overcome Fears & Phobias
• To release Stress and anxiety
• To improve Positive thinking, Self-confidence, Concentration, Assertiveness, Performance, Self-esteem, Awareness, Creativity, Memory, Focus
• Learning self-hypnosis to achieve healthy, happy, successful life