Our life is a mysterious journey which involves many known-unknown facts and experiences. We are always in the process of evolving, broadening knowledge to make progress in our life for the best possible living experiences. In some phase of life, there are obstructions which disrupts our expected growth (health-wealth-success) and diverts our focus; our mind needs more energy to fix these disruptions and we keep finding solutions for the same. One such strong solution-oriented path is ANTAHKARANA – A journey of Healing.

To find the path, one must become the path and the base of this is “ANTAHKARANA”. It is a communication conduit. Four constant companions that are necessary to explore, investigate and guide our path of development are the “INNER SENSES” – ANTAR INDRIYAS (Manas, Buddhi, Ahamkara, Chitta), a connecting channel of our lower energy to higher energy. It makes the realization of wisdom possible and directs our mind to transcend the rational thinking processes of the lower-self.

ANTAHKARANA is a significant healing process which discovers the inner dimensions of healing, transforming and liberating life’s journey. ANTAHKARANA is a path, a bridge to establish the wisdom to attain self-transformation and create a valuable, blissful, joyful life.

This workshop is based on Ancient Healing Techniques that are implemented, experimented, experienced and have found extraordinary results. Healing is a process of transforming one state of energy to another state; Relaxation is the base of every healing. Our life is dominated and driven by the energy of past experiences which means we are the base of our creations. In order to change the present condition, we need to unlearn, cleanse, heal our past memories (behavior, attitude, characteristic, KARMA.. etc.. ). This workshop focuses on Cleansing the Past, Accepting the Present, Recreating the Future.

Begin your journey of healing towards a joyful life.

Topics Included

• Concept of Antahkarana
• Understanding Inner senses “Anthar Indriyas”
• Path of Karma and Manifestation
• Cleansing, Healing, Transformation Process
• Antahkarana Meditation
• Sarvanga Pranava Chikitse
• Activating Energy Centers
• Cleansing Emotional Blockages
• Tapping and Breath work
• Sukshma Prana Kriye
• Energy Balancing & Spiritual Healing
• Forgiveness & Gratitude Therapy