6th Sense - Mind Power Workshop for STUDENTS

Today, a Student’s life is considered to be filled with great challenges, competition and stress. As a student, the greatest assets one possesses are confidence, memory power, concentration, focus, patience, courage. If we understand deeply these qualities are internal in nature, and cannot be procured externally. However when it comes to exhibiting these qualities, students find it challenging. 

Due to certain unavoidable circumstances / situations, distractions and disturbances get easily attached. It could be due to mobile usage, access to the internet, social media, television; the focus on studies takes a toll. Challenges like loss of focus, poor concentration, and low memory retention are noticed. 

To help them re-focus, re-align to their studies, ancient yogic practices are widely used. These yogic practices bring about significant powerful changes in the required area of their life. And will help them to re-connect to their studies, develop the overall personality.  

In this workshop we help the student understand their mind and its powers.  How by establishing a connection with their subconscious power, they can easily exhibit their true potentiality. Here students are introduced to the two main states of mind (Conscious/Subconscious) which plays a major role in achieving success. Many powerful techniques are introduced to gain quick access to mind power. This workshop is a boon to any student who wants to rise in their studies and future goals. 

Workshop highlights:

• Discover how to use the Power of Subconscious Mind
• Unlock students’ Mind  Power with Imagination
• Reprogramming Mind for Healthy Study Habits
• Help students to manage Fears and Stress
• Learn the most effective affirmations and  Goal setting
• Anchoring techniques and Relaxation
• Mantra Meditation and Mudra power 
• Effective stress Healing Techniques

Students will learn: 

• How to improve the pattern of recall-retain-remember
• How to improve memory, concentration
• How to enhance focus, creativity and confidence
• Study made easy techniques
• Cleansing ill-health patterns