Jnanopadesham – 40 hours course

It is a life-changing course for students, conducted by Spiritual Solutions Centre. Students have seen drastic improvements in themselves through this course.

Jnanopadesham teaches self-evaluation to students so that they can evaluate themselves on aspects such as concentration, memory, confidence, discipline and get rid of exam fears and other factors stopping them from exceling at what they want to do.

This course is an intense training for students to have a strong foundation, a foundation that goes a long way from helping them in every aspect of life to making them achieve anything they want.

It also teaches students samskara or sanskar by teaching meditation, leadership qualities and effective ancient learnings techniques / methods that molds their personality to become the best version of themselves. Sri Vishwanath Guruji and Gurumaa Gayathri always wanted to do a student’s transformation program as they believe that the role of students in developing a nation is humungous. This course pays detail to everything that is necessary for a student to become a responsible human being and citizen apart from just being successful.

Jnanopadesham not only focuses on students but also on parents, as parents play an essential role in the lives of their children and SSC knows it, so they ensure that parents are also benefitted from this course and hence counsels parents. A strong foundation is not only given to children but also to parents on various aspects of parenting. Creative Parenting workshop is a part of Jnanopadesham to help parents gain clarity and wisdom on parenting.

This workshop has something to offer everyone. Inputs that are given by mentor Sri Vishwanath Guruji are simply beautiful. It is 40 hours long unique certification course available only at SSC. Children above 10 years of age can participate in this course.

Course Contents:
• Understanding our mind power
• Mind science and its benefits
• Functions and power of subconscious mind
• Power of imagination and Visualisation techniques
• How to communicate with Subconscious Mind
• Mind management, Practical’s on mind power
• Stress and Fear releasing techniques
• Cleanse and heal mental blockages
• Relaxation and self-help techniques
• Memory, focus and concentration enhancing tec hniques
• Power of Affirmations
• Learn most effective affirmations
• Trataka (Gazing) Practice
• Study made easy techniques
• Overcome exam fear (exam phobia)
• How to focus on subject and swap immediately
• How to handle difficult subjects
• Yoga nidra healing for radiant health
• How to study in peak hours
• The rapid revision method (faster revision)
• Photographic memory techniques
• Building acceptance and simplicity
• How to face the failure
• How to overcome negative thinking
• How to manage negative influences
• How to think big
• Goal Setting for Study and Exam
• How to find your passion
• Mudra and Mantra power
• Yoga Techniques for Students
• Brain Power Enhancement (Mind gym, Mind art)
• Self-esteem and self-motivational techniques
• Technique to improve IQ, EQ, SQ
• How to enhance creativity and discipline

This Retreat helps to
• Improve Confidence, Memory, Concentration
• Enhance Focus, Creativity, Talent
• Create Dedication, Commitment, Motivation
• Strengthen Communication, Relationship, Leadership
• Build Positive Mind frame and Team-work
• Achieve Academic, Personal goals
• Exhibit Peak Performance
• Overcome Fears, Inhibitions, Phobias
• Cleanse and Heal Emotional and Mental Blocks