Parenting is an art, an art that a precious few know. This workshop’s objective is to educate as many parents in the art i.e., parenting. 

It teaches parents on how even little things they do can impact their children hugely. Children have a delicate mind that is constantly learning and observing, hence everything settles deep into the mind which eventually makes way into their behaviour or if detrimental, results in negative blockages. 

If parenting is good, then children will be filled with positive energy and exhibit positive behaviour. Even a little change in how we communicate with children can shape them into beautiful personalities. 

The subconscious mind operates majorly in children and that is why parents need to be educated, attentive, and careful about what they expose children to. Little things like words or manners that are used to address them can affect them and that is why parenting is an art. 

There is always a place for creativity in everything. This workshop teaches parents how to give a creative touch to parenting that can shape children extraordinarily. It is important for parents to know, how their children see them, so that parents understand what kind of an example they are to children, as we know, children tend to follow the example that parents set. It is really not surprising to know that our ancestors knew this but it is surprising to see many current parents have forgotten this and westerners, who discovered it in recent times, are preaching the same to us.

The mentors, Sri Vishwanath Guruji and Gurumaa Gayathri are determined to give a substantial foundation in every way possible to children as they are our nation’s future. 

The values that parents pass on are what children carry in life and that eventually becomes their way of life. So, by now it is understood that parenting is an essential vital tool that can make or break a child’s future.

Yes, children are not only parent’s assets but also the nation’s and SSC is determined to mould them from the very first step itself; so that the nation’s future is in safe hands