6th Sense - An effective foundation workshop to enrich students with study skills.

Guidance By: Sri Vishwanath Guruji

Workshop highlights:

• Discover how to use the Power of Subconscious Mind
• Unlock students Mind Power with Imagination
• Reprogramming Mind for Healthy Study Habits
• Help students to manage Fears
• Learn the most effective affirmations and Goal setting for Exam
• Anchoring techniques and Relaxation
• Practical’s on Mind Power
• Demonstration, Hands-on experience
• Mantra Meditation and Mudra power
• Effective stress Healing Techniques Students will Learn
• How to create and correct study habits
• How to improve the pattern of recall-retain-remember
• How to improve memory, concentration
• How to enhance focus and confidence
• How to manage the time efficiently
• The study made easy techniques
• Removing Irritations and dealing with Tough Subjects
• Overcome Exam nervousness
• Cleansing ill-health patterns during the exam

This workshop has been sucessfully completed.

For upcoming workshops contact:

7259958573, 9880053755

Organised by: Mpower Life Science Research Academy India Pvt.Ltd in assocation with Spiritual Solutions