Night Affirmations before Sleep for Students'

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Student Transformation Project Initiative

Before getting into sleep we need to create peaceful environment in our mind. Creating peace and harmony with affirmations is a key to reprogram the subconscious mind to carry out positive actions in sleep. Stress effects on sleep patterns and we end up with disturbed sleep. 

So feed your subconscious with positive feelings and Affirmations before sleep. It helps the process of Manifestation (Law of Attraction) in a constructive way.

This Affirmation Audio Track before sleep is specially designed for STUDENTS, to set positive affirmations to connect to a state of deep, peaceful sleep. You can repeat each affirmation in your mind or out loud and visualise as per the affirmation statement.  

Listen to this Affirmation Audio Track every night before you drift into sleep to let your subconscious absorb all the gratitude and positivity while you drift into a deep sleep.

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Disclaimer: This video is created for Healing, Relaxation purposes only. 
NOTE: This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. 
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