Indulge in the Journey of Faith
Transform from Fear to Faith 
Move beyond fear...... with Faith..... 
You will definitely Experience Faith......

Join us in this journey of healing and health, 
Every day between 7pm to 8pm IST.
Come let us together invoke that 
divine god energy to “HEAL THE WORLD”

Use this meditation audio track to heal self and enrich global health.
This is wonderfully designed effective meditation 
guidance by Gurumaa Gayathri for the betterment
of the world and the entire mankind. 

Everyday meditators from all over the world are joining for meditating-praying for the eradication of the #Coronavirus.

Continuation to this we are  holding a mass healing meditation where all the meditators, who are willing to be a part of it, will sit together at the same time for one purpose, that is to heal all #Coronavirus infected people, to energise for stronger immunity and for the cure of this virus.

Collective energy is stronger than scattered energy, by doing this we can draw maximum cosmic healing energy and use it for the purpose collectively.  Meditators can attend the meditation online or can meditate at their respective places at the mentioned time. 

Let us all unite in meditation to cleanse self and 
energise the world to move into better days.

Join the #HealingEnergyNetwork
Time: 7pm to 8pm

To know more about meditation techniques and practices,
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Spiritual Solutions Centre
JP Nagar, Bengaluru

Disclaimer: This video is created for Healing, Relaxation purposes only.
NOTE: This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment.