Breath Affirmations Practice is a part of "JNANOPADESHAM" – Student Transformation Course
If you are new to this practice take guidance before you begin.  

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Breath(Prana) is a base of our life, it the life force. It is continuously feeding life energy to our body, mind, emotions. Breath healing is one of an amazing cleansing process which is used in Yogic Practices to releases stress, anxiety and to accomplish calmness and clarity.

Success is a journey; motivation is needed in every moment to reach our goals. Yoga, Meditation, Power of Subconscious Mind, Power of Affirmations, Self-Hypnosis, Holistic Healing, Law of Attraction and many more healing modalities will help in transforming life to reach our destiny. One such powerful technique is Breath Affirmations.

To change habits, attitude, personality towards positive side, Subconscious mind reprogramming is required. This audio is a confluence of both Healing and Mind programming. In this audio track positive affirmations are fed to mind through breath healing process to raise vital qualities to drive one’s life. By practicing this technique daily mind will connect to positive energy, positive thinking. 

Positive Affirmations helps to diffuse and overcome self-destructive thoughts. These affirmations or suggestions also express a desired habit, condition or objective. Affirmations are very useful for building new habits, improving yourself, your life and achieving success.

Similar to how repetitive tasks improve your physical health, these positive repetitions can rewire your thinking patterns so that over time you begin to think and behave differently, and there is a lot of neuroscience research that proves this.

Every morning and evening, practice this Breath Affirmations to get desired results.

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Disclaimer: This video is created for Healing, Relaxation purposes only.
NOTE: This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment.
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