What is Belief?

Topic discussed in #Antahkarana #Workshop.

In fact of truth or reality, everything is decent. There is nothing that exists as good or bad. It is our way of creating a difference in people or things based on the experiences and beliefs that we have in our life. Belief outsets from knowledge or information. In every situation or event, we acquire a set of information through seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing. The inherent thoughts and feelings devise our belief system based on information or knowledge we seize. 

"A belief system is nothing more than a thought you've thought over and over again" - Wayne W Dyer

We create our beliefs since childhood. We have acquired uttermost of the beliefs from parents, family, teachers, society and culture. For example, we were not conscious when we were born, two people taught us that they are our mother and father; we accepted and believed it; that is where it began. We continued to believe their words, thus shaping our Belief System.

In the expedition of life, we consistently extend to carry so many beliefs since childhood and as we obtain more knowledge, our perception of an experience changes, thus transitioning our belief.  This belief system diverse regularly in the course of life. All our viewpoints are based on our belief system. Our belief system is shaped from and rooted in information and experiences that we have crossed in life. When we accept or conclude something is true, we believe it and that becomes a fraction of our belief system.

"Remember that what you believe will depend very much on what you are" - Noah Porter

Hence, we have to retrain, retune and redefine ourselves to manifest miracles in our life. Our subconscious mind acts on what we believe, manifests what we believe. For example, if we decide to achieve something, automatically contrary thoughts comes out from inside and gives us a suffocation like feeling, that suffocation is because of our belief system. 

Thus, unlearning the current belief system is paramount. The quality of introspection is essential here. If we can reshape our belief system with the right beliefs, we will transform into a new personality. We would realise that the God exists within and not anywhere outside, that is, we open the door of Antahkarana