Topic discussed in #Antahkarana #Workshop 
“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” - Socrates
Today, we all seek information. This is the Information Era. We are information-oriented people and we believe the information we possess is ultimate. We are taught to be like this. Even the current education system qualifies a person as intelligent based on the information he possesses.

Because of the possessed information, we unknowingly develop an 'I Know' attitude. This attitude is the current ongoing trend in all irrespective of age. 

To transcend from "I know" to "Wisdom" needs an open mind and willpower.

“I know” is just a mind talk,it comes from the EGO.

In life "knowing" is not enough, it's just information. To achieve magnitude, we need to sail through a significant process.

• Knowing
• Learning
• Understanding
• Implementing
• Experiencing

Then, we will experience the result. If our heart asks for more, then we have to work again - Retrain, Retune and Redefine. This is the sutra to achieve the desired result.