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Prana Chikitse – The Essence of Life – Breath Healing

Praana, the life force, the essence of our being, the power that flows in all forms of life, the eternal, the universal energy is present in everything and everywhere. It is the sum total of all the energy that is manifested in the universe that bonds the Body, Mind and Soul.

It is said that a Yogi who has mastered the knowledge of Praana, gains mastery over all manifestations of powers in the cosmos. It is the vital force, Sukshma. Breath is the external manifestation of Praana.

Healing is a completely natural and effortless process. Healing is an Internal Technology. Praana Energy flows abundantly all the time, works with our resources and heals naturally. It frees our natural resources to work in the most effective way for us.

This workshop is specially designed to understand what is Praana, its importance, the art of conscious breathing, how healing takes place and effective techniques to align / balance Body-Mind, emotional cleansing, energising self, release pains, purifying and rejuvenating self.