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It is a life-changing workshop for students, Students have seen drastic improvements in themselves through this workshop. Jnanopadesham teaches self-evaluation to students so that they can evaluate themselves on aspects such as concentration, memory, confidence, discipline, and get rid of exam fears and other factors stopping them from excelling at what they want to do. This course is intense training for students to have a strong foundation, a foundation that goes a long way from helping them in every aspect of life to making them achieve anything they want.

It also teaches samskara or sanskar by teaching meditation, leadership qualities, and effective ancient learning techniques that molds their personality to become the best version of themselves. This course pays detail to everything that is necessary for a student to become a responsible human being and citizen apart from just being successful.

Jnanopadesham not only focuses on students but also on parents, as parents play an essential role in the lives of their children. A strong foundation is not only given to children but also to parents on various aspects of parenting.