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Sri Vishwanath Guruji

A dear friend, guide, coach, guru is how all his students and other people love to address him. He is a personality by himself. His passion of simplifying life can be experienced in his workshops, training programs and his therapies. Be it the topics on Meditation, Healing, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy or Mind Science, he simplifies the information to such an extent that even a layman can understand.

When it comes to delivering experiential sessions he takes utmost interest in each one of them and makes it a commitment that they have to gain from the experience. His techniques, methodologies of delivering the content is top notch, simple, easily understandable, adaptable and result oriented. Guruji is loved and respected by everyone for his simplicity, wisdom and friendliness.

Gurumaa Gayathri

The Shakti energy as she is always called, Guruma is a bundle of love, clarity and dedication. From children to elders, everyone loves to address her as “Amma / Maa” for the quality of acceptance and pure love that gets exhibited in her always. Creating the right channel for anyone who needs guidance, support and assistance are her strengths. Along with her Life partner Sri Vishwanath Guruji, she is completely dedicated to create awareness and strength among the womenfolk and contribute the power of womanhood to the nation.

Gurumaa’s dream is to enhance the strength of a woman and introduce her to her potentiality, power, freedom, liberty, kindness, calibre and unconditional love.


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